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Newlife Outdoor Sports

New corporate identity and website


The Belgian outdoor company asked Vrolijk Online for help. The Dutch owners had been given the opportunity to take over Newlife Outdoor Sports, which is active in the same area. They seized this opportunity with both hands to broaden and improve their offer and wanted to market this acquisition well online. At Newlife, organizing numerous outdoor sports activities in the Belgian Ardennes is central, mainly focuses on arranging arrangements and accommodations. We flew in to breathe new life into Newlife!

Brand new corporate identity

We were allowed to develop a completely new corporate identity for Newlife. We went crazy! We created an adventurous look that matches the range and built a cool website. The powerful design in combination with the many photos and the video on the homepage ensures that the website immediately breathes action and adventure.

We designed a flaming logo inspired by the rugged outdoors and the ruggedness of caves. We applied the desire to cast the logo in the form of an emblem in the design. Newlife's logo had to match that of in terms of color use. The color red provides the connection and recognisability. We came up with various icons such as a compass, tent, ax and campfire to incorporate in the logo. Because of the link to (school) groups, a campfire was chosen in the logo. The other illustrations were incorporated into the website. There we use natural tones such as brown, gray and beige to enhance the outdoors. In terms of fonts, we opted for bold, strong and clear fonts to give it a sleek look. You can also see this look in the offline resources.

Exciting content

We also wrote the texts for the website. This is how we worked out all activities. We mention specific characteristics, give tips and information about location, price, duration and degree of difficulty. Beforehand, we did a keyword research to create the right balance between SEO and content. Focused on findability, information and enthusiasm. And it worked! While writing, the tension rose and the desire for an active day in the Ardennes increased considerably ;-)

Ready for the future with Umbraco

Thanks to the integration of Umbraco CMS , Newlife employees are able to manage the website themselves. From expanding the range of activities to adding and removing accommodations; the website gives them complete freedom. Activities can be booked via a form on the website. The CMS makes it possible to expand the website in the future and to link it to external systems such as a reservation system.

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