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Medical wholesaler

Webshop & online marketing

We work with heart and soul for a medical wholesaler and maintenance party. We took over the management and maintenance of their webshop with care and gave it a boost by upgrading and optimizing. Now we keep our finger on the pulse with online marketing!

Webshop take over

In 2019 we took over the Magento 1 webshop from the medical wholesaler and converted it to Magento 2. There were some bugs in the webshop that we fixed with the upgrade to the latest version of the e-commerce platform. We then optimized the webshop.

Webshop optimization

In addition to the sale of medical devices, the wholesaler also supplies maintenance and service packages. After all, it is vital that the devices are well maintained and function optimally. By providing the webshop with relevant content and a good menu structure, we work with the customer to place emphasis on the right place and guide visitors through the website adequately.

Conduct campaigns

In addition to the webshop, we also took over the Google Ads campaigns. From Google Search and Google Shopping we manage campaigns to bring certain products to the attention of the intended target group. We regularly spar with the customer to determine which products should be the focus and adjust the campaigns accordingly. In this way we make the selected products extra visible within the search engine.


Soon we will also start with remarketing. Remarketing, also known as retargeting , is an effective online marketing tool to bring a product or service back to the attention of a potential customer. The remarketing campaigns are aimed at previous visitors to the webshop who did not convert. These users will see banners on other websites with products that they viewed or placed in the shopping cart, but subsequently did not order. An effective way to persuade doubting customers.

Keep a finger on the pulse with online marketing

In addition to advertising, we also monitor the progress of the webshop via Google Search Console. We keep an eye on the indexing status of the website and respond to issues we encounter. We solve technical problems and seize opportunities to ensure the best visibility in Google. We regularly optimize the Shopping feed for good performance of the Google Shopping campaigns. So we always keep a finger on the pulse!

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