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Local Goededoelengids NL brings local charities per region or city to the attention of donors, testators, service clubs and companies. Initiator Jan de Rond asked us to develop various websites for this noble cause. Gladly!


Roughly 170,000 organizations in the Netherlands are committed to general, social interests on a daily basis. About half of them are locally active. In order to bring local charities to the attention of donors in addition to - usually well-known - national and international causes, Jan de Rond started Local Charity Guide NL. The concept was born at the end of 2017 and saw the light in the summer of 2019 in 's-Hertogenbosch, where the first guide was presented. The second guide for Alkmaar and the surrounding area will follow in the new year. For the central platform we realized a general website in Umbraco and we also built two sub websites for the cities.

Local charity guide's-Hertogenbosch

On this subsite you will find an overview of charities that you can support in the Den Bosch region. The charitable organizations are divided into four categories: art & culture, nature & environment, social & community, neighborhood & district. In addition to the website, we also created a template for the newsletter for Local Good Goals Guide 's-Hertogenbosch so that the customer can create and distribute messages in (house) style.

Local charity guideAlkmaar

The second Local Charity Guide will soon be published in Alkmaar. The first full-color copy will be presented to the mayor in January 2021. Also for this region we developed a sub website with a registration form as extra functionality. With this online form organizations can register on the website as a charity. When a registration arrives, Umbraco immediately creates a page in the background for the relevant charity. The content of the entry fields on the form appears as content on the page. So there is immediately a webpage ready that, after approval, only needs to be published via the cms.


Ultimately, Jan de Rond wants to publish a Local Charity Guide for every city or region in the Netherlands. His ambition for 2025 is to publish a guide through the Rotary network in 25 cities or regions. “We mainly focus on private individuals who, in life or death, want to donate something to a good cause,” says Jan de Rond. Because it takes, on average, a number of years after drawing up a will before a will is implemented, Jan suspected that he would only notice the first effects of his initiative in 2025. “However, it is going faster than I thought. People collect money from birthdays, weddings, communion and donate it to a local charity. Last month I received an anonymous donation of € 50,000. Word-of-mouth advertising plays an important role in this, ”explains Jan. "It creates confidence." Local destinations are gaining ground, partly due to the current crisis. There is more enthusiasm for this. "As if it flows seamlessly into each other."

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I hope that there will be a ripple between Den Bosch and Alkmaar because something beautiful is going on. And that the concept spreads like an oil slick.

Jan de Rond

It is expected that 10% of all donations and gifts to Dutch charities will end up locally via the platform. A great ambition that we are happy to contribute to.

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