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New corporate website

With tailor-made robot lines, Kranendonk improves various processes in the steel processing industry. In turn, we improved their corporate website. In this case we would like to tell you how we approached this.

Clear customer wish

Kranendonk ran into several limitations when maintaining and updating the old Drupal website. Implementing certain changes yourself was not possible. The new corporate website therefore had to be equipped with an accessible and user-friendly content management system (cms). No sooner said than done.

User-friendly cms

We built the new website in Umbraco 8 and expanded the cms with Umbraco Forms. With this seamlessly integrated interface, Kranendonk can easily create and maintain forms. Whether it's a simple contact form or an advanced multi-step questionnaire, working with Forms is a piece of cake. Compared to the previous website, the current website has made enormous progress in terms of maintenance and management and from now on Kranendonk is in charge of making changes to the content.

Lead generating website

The primary goal of the new website is lead generation. Kranendonk wants to arouse the interest of potential customers and be clearly visible to existing customers. The industrial robotics specialist focuses on sectors seeking automation solutions for processing large quantities of steel, such as shipbuilding, construction, offshore and energy. On the website we have created entrances based on industries, solutions and processes, so that visitors quickly find the information they are looking for. We designed a recognizable set of icons for the branches.

Smooth navigation

An extensive menu selection allows users to navigate through the website quickly and easily. The website is equipped with functional filters and effective call to action (CTA) buttons. Kranendonk not only offers advanced solutions and operational support, but also provides plenty of information about projects, field of work, history, events and career opportunities. And that in six different languages thanks to the use of EZ Translator , our innovative translation tool - specially developed for Umbraco.

Powerful design

A leader in the robot revolution naturally requires a strong visual design. The old design contained a lot of white and gray and looked sterile and monotonous. By adding deep, dark tones to the color palette, we created a luxurious look. We brought dynamics to the website with expressive images and yellow as a fresh accent color.

The current web design exudes the value and professionalism of the progressive Kranendonk. Kranendonk has made significant progress with the launch of their new website, both technically and aesthetically. Their online catching up has certainly been successful!

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