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Koningshoeven Abbey

New website

In 2016, we realized a new website for Abdij Koningshoeven in collaboration with The Creative Department. The Trappist monastery in Berkel-Enschot showed interest in the possibilities of a modern website and let us measure it. A great project that we would still like to dedicate a case to. A throwback.

The intended goals

Together we mapped out the intended goals of the website. Koningshoeven Abbey wants:

  • inform and inspire visitors to the website
  • generate traffic to the (online) monastery shop
  • recruiting guests for the guest house
  • recruit monks

Seek and you shall find

The existing website was found fine by branded traffic: these are visitors who search for Koningshoeven or approach the domain name directly. They are aware of the abbey's existence. We applied search engine optimization (SEO) to reach new visitors. We improved the texts and the technology so that the website became visible to a wider audience. Think of users who are looking for traditional products or a quiet stay. For example, the authentic Trappist products have been given a prominent place in the menu and they each have their own page.

Mobile accessible

The old website was not suitable for mobile use. Which is a shame, of course, because nowadays we often browse the internet on a mobile basis. When the content of a website is not accessible by mobile or difficult to read, visitors drop out. The new website had to prevent this and is therefore accessible for all kinds of screen widths and devices, including the mobile phone. Because the abbey is also active on social media, this optimization turned out to be extra valuable. Social media channels are mainly viewed via the smartphone. When Koningshoeven Abbey generates traffic to the website via Facebook, it is therefore a must that it is accessible on a mobile basis. Solved!

Inspirational website

The website has various users such as guests, believers, clergy and interested people. They each have their own needs. We provided a good interaction design that effortlessly leads the different target groups to relevant content when entering the website. The new homepage therefore offers a variety of topics, both in the menu and on the page. We also gave the website a visual boost with atmospheric images, photos, larger line spacing and a pleasantly readable font. The visual design invites visitors to discover the website and motivates them to consume the content.

All in all, we created an inspiring and easy to manage website in Umbraco , which can be quickly and easily updated by the Trappists themselves with current information such as news reports and sermons. Curious about the latest news? Or are you interested in traditionally prepared delicacies such as beer, bread, cheese, jam and chocolate? Then take a look at the website. Be welcome!

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