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King Willem 1 College

Online marketing

Since March this year, we have been supporting the Koning Willem I College in 's-Hertogenbosch in the field of online marketing and website optimization. The KW1C is a ROC for education and secondary vocational and adult education. A school where thousands of people walk around every day.

Purpose: to attract students

Koning Willem I College wants to generate as many students as possible. The target group consists mainly of third and fourth year VMBO students who want to continue on to MBO and their parents. Young adults who still want to obtain a mavo, havo or vwo diploma or individual certificates belong to the target group. The college does not encourage new students from within a specific study program or educational sector, but as an umbrella institution.

Mission: to serve students optimally

The brand awareness of the Koning Willem I College in the region is great. Our online marketing activities are therefore not so much about reaching better as better serving the target group by optimizing the website. Koning Willem I College itself employs developers and marketers who can make the necessary adjustments based on our advice.

Approach: conducting research

We investigate how visitors use the current website and, based on Google Analytics and Hotjar, identify opportunities for improvement in the field of online marketing and user experience .

  • We analyze the data from Google Analytics every quarter. We collect our findings and points of attention in a presentation that we discuss with the customer.
  • Since the second quarter of this year, we have also been analyzing the Hotjar data. In this data we clearly see the click behavior of the visitors to the website.

Action: advise and apply

During the maintenance with the customer, communication employees and technicians from the Koning Willem I College join. We advise them based on our measurements and research results and discuss together how they can best implement our recommendations. From there we also set course again. We look at what activities are needed to evaluate the steps taken and to take the next step forward.

Vision: just good

According to their own vision, Koning Willem I College is 'just a good school'. Vrolijk Online likes to support that vision with 'just good online marketing ' :-)

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