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Jaga Netherlands

Corporate website

A few months ago we delivered a brand new website for Jaga North America. Now we got to work for Jaga Nederland! These progressive climate designers asked us to develop one website for both consumers and professionals. A great challenge!

A second website? That must be a piece of cake!

Nothing is less true. If you take a quick look at the websites of Jaga North America and Jaga Netherlands, they are indeed very similar. That is of course also the intention. We have deliberately strived for a uniform appearance. However, if you zoom in deeper on the websites, you do see differences. Especially with the products. This section is much more extensive on the Jaga Nederland website.

Moreover, the website must appeal to the various target groups of Jaga. Think of
the consumer, the installer, the wholesaler, the architect and the consultant. Not easy, but a super fun challenge!

A lot of product information

Fortunately, Jaga Nederland has neatly organized its product information in a Product Information Management (PIM) system. Unfortunately, the options turned out to be too limited to make a link with this system. Not all product information that is important on the website was present in the PIM system or could be easily managed there.

Ultimately, we decided together to work with two Excel exports from the PIM system. The people of Jaga can manually add some useful data to this after the export. An ideal solution!

Upload it!

We made it even simpler. And thus more user-friendly for our customer. The two Excel files can easily be uploaded in Umbraco (the CMS for the management of the website). Within a few minutes, all data from both Excel exports is processed fully automatically. That makes you happy!

At the request of Jaga Nederland, we divided the product information into: 1. Data that is immediately visible on the website and 2. Data that must first be manually approved in the CMS before it is visible. Check √

Technical insight

When the content managers of Jaga upload an Excel, it will be placed in a special folder in the Media section in Umbraco. On the server, a simple application checks every 5 minutes whether a new Excel is available. If that is the case, the content of the Excel is read, checked and stored in models.

A Json is then created from this list of models. An API has been built into the website to receive this Json. The data is updated with the help of Umbraco's ContentService.

Mission accomplished

The Jaga Netherlands website is live! Partly thanks to the warm collaboration between Jaga Nederland and Vrolijk Online. Or rather: between climate and website designers ;-)


"The personal click, the Brabant mentality and the mutual trust mean that we are full of praise for the collaboration with Vrolijk Online." - Wendy Stevens, Jaga

Wendy Stevens, Jaga

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