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Hero Baby

Blazing new webshop

Hero asked us to develop a webshop for their baby products. These are already sold in supermarkets, drugstores and various web shops, but its own sales channel is of course the icing on the cake for this company with a passion for food and fruit.

Fair food, fair communication

During a kick-off session with all involved, we discussed the desired ingredients and functionalities of the new webshop for Hero Baby. Transparency is paramount: honest food, honest communication. In addition to showing reviews, Hero Baby also wanted a chat function on the website and a link to the loyalty system. Ease of use is an important aspect here. Once logged in, the webshop is linked to your personal savings program. Products are easy to find via filters by age category and delivered straight to the house after a smooth ordering process. You will be immediately informed about the minimum order unit and the expected delivery day. Useful!

The technology behind the conveniences

To give the user the feeling and convenience of one environment, we had to connect two different environments in the background. Magneds developed the loyalty system and in parallel we developed the webshop in Magento2. At the top of the page, we both included a portal bar provided by Hero. Because we use the same piece of code in both environments, it appears to the customer as one environment. However, the URL reveals that it is indeed two environments.


A user can access both environments with one account; in the webshop and in the savings program. Magneds made an API available in which the accounts and login details are registered and stored centrally. However, a joint account does not mean that you are also automatically logged in in environment B if you are logged in in environment A. A joint login was the challenge.

Shared key

We developed a shared key for a fluid user experience. When a user logs in, we store a shared key in a cookie. Both online environments can look at this cookie and use the API to automatically log in a user when navigating to the other environment. The ultimate ease of use!

The eye wants something too

In addition to a functionally optimal web experience, we naturally also want to experience this visually. The design for Hero Baby is a nice mix of the creativity of Vrolijk Online and the corporate identity manual of Hero. Sometimes this was quite tough and we switched back and forth to ultimately achieve a fantastic end result.

Visuals via InVision

We made interim adjustments via InVision. We presented our visuals in a clickable prototype and tested the operation and collected feedback from the client.

Typically Hero

One of the requirements was that the new e-commerce platform radiates the familiar Hero feeling through and through, while we at Vrolijk Online of course always push the boundaries of UX and visual design. We have not lost sight of the target group and together we have created a fresh and familiar design. A fusion of our skills and the guidelines of Hero in line with the wishes of Hero Baby and the associated target group. Everybody (and every baby :-) happy!

From birth to growth

After several months (nine?) Of intensive collaboration, the Hero Baby webshop was born. Customer-friendly, familiar and fully equipped. A shop is never completely finished and, just like a baby, needs attention. For example in the field of online marketing. We have therefore already mapped out new wishes together with the Hero Baby team. We will be happy to pick them up in the future!

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