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Galant Vacancy Board

Vacancy website for volunteers

The job board for volunteer work!

Galant advises and supports volunteers and non-profit organizations in the execution of their work. In addition, they promote and stimulate voluntary work as an inspiring (leisure) activity. To support this goal, we have been able to realize a new online vacancy bank for Galant.

Platform 073

Galant's old vacancy database was published under the name Platform073 and covered more than just the importance of volunteers. For this reason, the old system had a number of important functionalities that were no longer relevant. The ease of use of the management system was also outdated. It was with great pleasure that we worked with Galant on a new management system and a new website.

Platform073 is now a thing of the past. Galant's new vacancy bank is now simply called Galant Vacaturebank. The name now says what it is and who facilitates it. This effective approach has been implemented in every expect of the process. Where the old website was peppered with call-to-actions and diversions, the new website draws its strength from its simplicity. There is a clear path to conversion on the vacancy pages.

Simplicity trumps

Not only the interaction design contributes to the power of simplicity. With the visual design we have deliberately reduced the number of colors to the five colors in the logo. In this way, on the one hand, Galant as an organization becomes more visible and, on the other hand, the limited number of colors ensures peace and confidence.

The visual style of the website is seamlessly extended to the management system where organizations can publish their vacancies and where volunteers can create a profile. As you may expect, the management system has a much more functional character. A lot of energy has been put into user-friendliness that suits the target group. For example, each action is confirmed with a visual aid and the input fields for reading texts are provided with a character counter.

Umbraco CMS

Both the website and the management system are supported by the Umbraco CMS, which ensures that Galant only needs to use one CMS. And of course Umbraco immediately ensures that everything runs quickly and stably.

We wish Galant, but also the many organizations and volunteers, a lot of fun with this website. We are proud of it!

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