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Development of a new website

Farent was founded in early 2019 after a merger of Welzijn Divers and Juvans Maatschappij Werk. Farent is a large welfare organization in the region of Midden-Brabant and De Meierij in the field of basic support, quality of life, safety, housing, welfare and care. A new website belongs to a new organization. A great job for Vrolijk Online! We took care of the UX design and technical realization for this project.

UX design

A merger of organizations also means an amalgamation of services and products. Together with Farent, we determined how the new website should be built so that all information could be found quickly and easily. The new UX design was built around important Farent pillars: themes, target groups, locations and services.


After the UX design was approved, it could be used as a guideline for web design. The design of the website was provided by Visionart .

Umbraco 8!

Farent is the first major project we have built with Umbraco 8 . By using Umbraco 8, the website is a lot faster and also easier to maintain.


'Thanks to the smooth and flexible cooperation with Vrolijk Online, the short lines and tight planning, we succeeded in creating a clear website'

Harriet Pijnappels, Farent

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