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New website

We have once again realized a new website for Schouten & Nelissen. This time an umbrella website for their new label Competence, provider of internationally accredited training programs. We are happy to use our competences for this!

Competent with Schouten & Nelissen

Competence is part of Schouten & Nelissen, which was founded in 1980. The family business has grown into an internationally operating organization and is known worldwide for its first-class training in soft skills (personal, emotional, social and intellectual skills). The Competence label is a partner of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and CRR Global, the makers of the international training and certification programs for coaches: Co-Active Coaching and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). The new website serves as a sales channel for the training programs and as a communication platform for alumni who want to stay inspired.

Capable design

In terms of design, the new Competence website had to match the corporate identity of both Schouten & Nelissen and its partners CTI and CRR Global. In general terms, we maintained the Schouten & Nelissen University of Applied Sciences look and feel with elements from CTI and CRR Global in the sidelines. The font, colors, images and oblique lines are typically Schouten & Nelissen. In addition, the brighter colors and some graphic details of CTI and CRR Global are reflected in the design to give visitors a familiar feeling from the partners.

Competence Afb3

Skillful technique

All information about the Co-Active Coaching and the ORSC training courses is available on the Competence website. This information is loaded via a public XML and is always up-to-date due to a number of useful links that we have created. Efficient techniques that make manual actions from Schouten & Nelissen superfluous.

  • When Schouten & Nelissen creates courses in their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system Navision (or Microsoft Dynamics), these courses are also automatically displayed on the website. The course days and availability are also automatically retrieved and updated.
  • When a visitor registers for a course, this registration is automatically registered in Navision via a SOAP service.
  • Brochure requests are also stored directly in Navision via a SOAP service.
  • Schouten & Nelissen uses the e-mail marketing platform Maileon for sending newsletters. When visitors register for the newsletter via the website, the registration is processed directly via the Maileon Rest API and the interested party will automatically receive the next newsletter in their mailbox.

Decisive website

We satisfactorily delivered the Competence website in English and German. Schouten & Nelissen sees scope for the implementation of other matters on the wish list: extensions that make the website even more effective. For example, we will soon be implementing a payment function. On to the next phase: optimizing!

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