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Certitudo Capital

New data room

Certitudo Capital is a market-driven company and, as a developing investor, covers the entire domain of real estate. The various projects of Certitudo often involve a considerable amount of paperwork. Project documents are shared with project stakeholders and should be available at all times.

In the past, we developed a data room to manage these documents. After years of successful operation, Certitudo was ready for a new system. This included looking at existing out of the box implementations, but in the end a new custom implementation was chosen by Vrolijk Online.

The design of the new data room

After intensive consultation with Certitudo several times, we developed an extensive functional design. The main principles:

  • We build the data room from scratch with the latest techniques
  • We add extra options for the end user in a trusted environment
  • We ensure that the users of Certitudo (administrators) enjoy a big step forward in user-friendliness and efficiency

Umbraco is the engine

Umbraco is the technology behind the new data room. This is not relevant for the users, because they log in directly into the data room and find all the necessary information there. This applies to both the end users and the administrators of Certitudo.

Smooth implementation

The stakeholders of the projects, such as financiers, investors, appraisers and sellers, hardly notice any difference. They can log in with the same login details and see the same projects and documents. The layout and layout have also remained virtually the same. The users thus have a familiar system in front of them that only offers a few new options, such as downloading all files at once and the option of setting up e-mail notifications for adjustments in the data room.

User-friendly and efficient

To make the work of Certitudo's administrators as pleasant as possible, we opted for On-Site Editing. Administrators log in to the data room and initially see the same screens as the end users. The only difference can be found in the additional links that allow switching to management mode. Useful!

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