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Battery land

New webshop

We have built a new webshop for Batterijenland. The old webshop ran in Magento 1, which has not been supported since June last year. High time for an upgrade to Magento 2. Merry Online came in!

Up and running with Magento 2

Batterijenland is the largest online battery supplier in the Netherlands. The battery giant offers a wide range of batteries and related items and supplies to individuals as well as companies and institutions. The online store was due for renewal. We included all existing orders and customers during the migration from the old to the new webshop. By means of a link realized by xCore, the webshop obtains the correct prices and products from Exact. With Magento 2, the battery is recharged!

301 Redirects

We also implemented redirects for Batterijenland. A redirect is simply a redirect that redirects all traffic, from whatever channel, directly to the correct, current web page. If a user searches for a product with the old url, they are immediately redirected to the new url. The search engine crawler also follows these redirects.

Up-to-date with a modern look

The new webshop is equipped with the latest plug-ins and is assured of current security updates and support. With a lick of paint here and there, we adopted the familiar corporate identity of the old Batterijenland web store. The new Magento 2 webshop is the modern version of the battery giant with the same look and feel.

Online findability

Is your store moving? Then it is very important that customers know how to find your new address. Similarly online. In order to prevent a decline in organic search traffic after the migration and to be able to continue to guarantee good online findability, we contacted the online marketing party of Batterijenland during the project. By coordinating together and arranging everything properly, we ensured an optimal move.

We wish the success and power of a Duracell rabbit!

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