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New website


We were allowed to develop a new website for AquaForte. This SIBO Fluidra private label supplies innovative products for the construction and maintenance of any type of (swimming) pond. We plunged into the world of professional water products and built a fluid, clear and above all inspiring website.

Both B2B and B2C

SIBO Fluidra is a specialized distributor of (swimming) pond, swimming pool and irrigation products and connection materials and serves a wide circle of installers, retailers, gardeners and web shops. Wholesalers may operate business to business, but consumers are the ones who generate demand for the products. That is why the new AquaForte website is aimed at both target groups. Primarily on consumers to inspire them. Secondary to direct customers to enthuse them to become a dealer. The new website is an inspiration for both technically and visually.

From static to atmospheric

AquaForte wanted to shift the focus from informing to inspiring. The old website mainly contained technical content. Where you previously had a static product page, you now see attractive project images. In this way, customers experience, as it were, which possibilities and end results there are and then see which products belong to them. We have set up the content management system in such a way that the applied products can be displayed on every page. What you see is what you get. “This new approach has been very well received internally,” says Rick de Laat, specialist online marketing and communication at SIBO Fluidra. "We have now taken the line of use of project images in our promotions online to a higher level."

Clear overview

AquaForte's products can be divided into two categories. “AquaForte originally served the pond industry with products for koi and hobby ponds. Since the takeover by Fluidra, one of the largest swimming pool companies in the world, AquaForte has also been in charge of the rapidly developing market for swimming ponds and biopools, ”Rick explains. "That is why both parts have a prominent place on the website."

On the homepage, visitors can directly choose swimming ponds and biopools or koi and ornamental ponds. From there we made a subdivision into the different types and subgroups. The website presents the range in a clear and orderly manner with visually powerful (preview) images. Previously, there was something everywhere. Now you are a mouse click away from the corresponding products including technical specifications and prices.

Extensive knowledge center

The new website includes a search function and an extensive knowledge center with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), downloads of manuals and magazines, installation tips and instructional videos with a link to all AquaForte videos on YouTube.

Multilingual website

We realized the AquaForte website in WordPress. By using the WordPress MultiLingual (WPML) plug-in, we were able to deliver the website in four languages: Dutch, English, German and French. Handy since SIBO Fluidra is active in more than fifty countries.


“We want to create an experience. Inspiring the end user and installer with the possibilities instead of throwing away the technical specifications. ”

Rick de Laat, SIBO Fluidra

Constantly renewing

Together with SIBO Fluidra, we completed the process from interaction design to technical delivery. Now that the AquaForte website has gone live, new ideas are already bubbling up, such as an attractive, innovative expansion. We keep developing, so stay tuned!

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