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Online Marketing

We can use our online marketing skills for AquaForte! AquaForte develops innovative pond products for the construction and maintenance of (swimming) ponds. The products are sold worldwide through installers, retailers and web shops.

Monitor, generate and optimize online traffic

The essence of online marketing is sharing a message about the brand, product or service through online channels. By sharing this message with the target group in an effective, measurable way, you can control, generate and optimize the online traffic. This is exactly what AquaForte has asked us to do, with the ultimate goal of allowing the end consumer to purchase more from the AquaForte dealers from a bottom-up market approach.

Mapping and improving online findability

We researched how Google rates the AquaForte website. This is important for online findability. The higher a website ranks in Google's free results, the greater the chance that someone will land on the website. Of course it is important that the web texts contain the right keywords. But the technical aspects of the website must also be in order. We ensure that Google can easily crawl the website and that the technical content elements are complete and in order.

By using the Google Search Console, we can track and monitor the website's presence in Google's search results. This provides insight into the statistics of the website, so that we can optimize the website.

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Behavior of the website visitor

What do visitors click on on the website? What percentage of the page is viewed? Where do visitors drop off? The answers to this are now clear, because thanks to the design of the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics , AquaForte has insight into the behavior of the website visitor.

Visual data report

A lot of data is created by using these Google applications! To be able to analyze all this data, we have set up a Google Data Studio dashboard for AquaForte. With this we create a well-arranged report in which the customer can determine the date on which he sees the data.

Twice a month a blog online

In addition to the online marketing activities, we write and post a blog on the AquaForte website twice a month. This is also a way to generate more traffic. Of course, we also take online findability into account when writing and we ensure that the blogs are written with the right keywords and headlines. The blogs can be read here .


Online marketing requires a dynamic approach. We are therefore in contact with AquaForte every week to discuss ongoing work. Every month we evaluate the activities and results together and discuss the future. In this way we work together reactively and proactively.

We recently started a Google Ads campaign for one of the AquaForte product groups. And this is just the beginning!

Would you like to know more about what online marketing can mean for your company? Contact us!

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