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Accres Real Estate


Accres Real Estate BV is a private real estate company based in Amsterdam. They focus on investing, investing and redevelopment and provide asset management for commercial real estate in the Netherlands. In short, a lot of things that we rarely or never have to deal with. But we do make damn good websites and that is why Accres Real Estate asked us to create their new website.

A good conversation

During the first meeting with Accres, we were immediately enthusiastic and bombarded them with questions about the services of Accres Real Estate, the market in which they operate and their objectives. We then jointly determined which requirements the website must meet. It had to be a corporate website where all Accres Real Estate objects are displayed with appropriate pride. The few objects for which a tenant or buyer is still being sought had to be provided with smart conversion options. Furthermore, the website had to contain a landing page that was aimed at companies or individuals who want to sell a commercial property, retail property, office building or home.

But 'simply' merging these elements into one website does not make for a happy customer. That is why we paid a lot of attention - and fun - to translating the identity of Accres Real Estate to the website. In this way, the website really feels like the website of Accres Real Estate for the customer. And that makes a customer happy. And we as well.

Umbraco CMS

The website is built with the Umbraco CMS and contains handy filters to select objects by region, type, surface area and availability. A video, floor plan and multiple images can easily be linked to an object.

Image work

In addition to the realization of the website, we were also allowed to take care of the photography of the various objects. In addition to some practical advantages, this has ensured that we understand the customer even better and this has certainly benefited the end result.

We wish the people of Accres Real Estate a lot of fun and success with their new website. We will continue to stimulate them with new online opportunities on a regular basis. Various expansions are currently in the pipeline!

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