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Coffee or Gluk tea?

Runweg 20, 5258 BN Berlicum
T 073 888 58 42

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Full service bureau Tilburg eo

We are a full service internet agency Vrolijk Online. Your ideal partner in online success. In Berlicum in Brabant, near 's-Hertogenbosch, we devise, build and optimize custom digital solutions.

Partner from start to finish

Vrolijk Online is an expert in several areas. We develop responsive websites, webshops and web applications and offer services such as branding, content creation and online marketing. Our multidisciplinary team can not wait to start your online project. You no longer have to switch between different parties. Vrolijk Online is the answer to your online problem. It is just a short line between Tilburg and Den Bosch!

Full service partner

First-class webshops

Ready for a new webshop? Or give your current webshop a boost? Then choose Vrolijk Online, the internet agency in Brabant! Our specialists work with the successful e-commerce solutions Magento and WooCommerce and of course provide your webshop with the latest functionalities and the most essential links. We are happy to travel to Tilburg for a personal introduction or meet in Berlicum where we go through all your e-commerce wishes together.

The webshops we create are user, mobile and search engine friendly. You can easily manage your webshop and add new products. We deliver your webshop ready-to-use; including the most modern techniques and latest features such as smart inventory management, space for an unlimited number of products and various popular payment options. The better your webshop performs, the greater the chance of paying customers!

Have a webshop made

Want to have a website made?

Then you have come to the right place with us! We build responsive websites that match the ambitions of your Tilburg company or organization. We work for both large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. Our clients come from various branches and are mainly located in Brabant, but local and national clients also find their way to Berlicum. Depending on the wishes and goals of our client, we build websites in Umbraco or WordPress , both popular and professional content management systems (cms).

Umbraco vs WordPress

Online marketing just around the corner

Looking for a passionate online marketing specialist near Tilburg? With only half an hour's drive, we are ready for you! In Berlicum, close to Den Bosch, our online marketers use effective online marketing tools to bring your brand, product or service to the full attention of the right target group; existing and potential customers. We measure, collect, analyse, evaluate, adjust and optimize using advanced tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Tag Manager, Screaming Frog, LinkedIn campaign management, etcetera. We make current , data-driven decisions to get more results from your website or webshop and use targeted (social media) campaigns. So that your company is in the picture both online and offline!

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