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A custom website

for your company

Your company is unique, so your company website should be too! Vrolijk Online develops a custom website for your company. Not a dime a dozen website. But a unique site that fits the corporate identity of your company, that perfectly reflects your company story, reflects your company vision and that convinces your potential customers to contact you.

Why choose customization

The first encounter with your company is often digital. A good website is therefore essential. The story you have to tell with your company is special and different from that of your competitors. Standing out in the crowd is not easy. A custom website is a very powerful means to present yourself in a distinctive way.

In 6 steps to your unique website

A good website can be found by a relevant target group and shows a clear picture of your products or services. Subsequently, a strong website tempts your target group to convert in an appropriate way. This includes contacting us, downloading an information brochure or registering. Your new website contributes optimally to your business objectives. But what does the route to that new website actually look like?

Step 1kick off

Merry Online starts every project with a kick-off. We immerse ourselves in your company. We ask you to give it a try so that we have a clear picture of your company. What is the purpose of the site, which parts are important and which are less important? Any functional and technical requirements are also discussed. We examine in advance which pages on the current site perform well, which resources are used and which Call-to-Action options are available. Ultimately, this determines what gets processed on the new site.

Umbraco 9

Step 2Choose website CMS

Depending on your wishes, we decide in which CMS your custom website will be built. Vrolijk Online is specialized in Umbraco and Wordpress. Together we look at what suits your company best.

Umbraco vs WordPress
Blur Close Up Design 196645

Step 3Interaction design

This is a construction drawing of the website without actual pictures and colors. With the interaction design we explain the structure of the website, the global content of the pages and the interaction between the different elements. The result is a model without corporate identity or other visual elements. By letting go of the visual aspect, we keep the focus on the functioning of the website and the logic of the content layout. The interaction model is discussed with you and forms the basis for the rest of the work.

Step 4Visual design

Based on an approved interaction design and all input from the kick-off, our creatives start working on the visual part of the website. The visual design is drawn up in your house style. We are working out the homepage and a follow-up page. After we have received and processed your feedback, we will develop the other pages in the same style.

Step 5web development

After the design is final, we start with the front-end development. The design is converted into code that serves as the basis for the next steps. Then it is time for the backend development. The management system is linked to the website so that you can manage the content on the website yourself.

Step 6Testing and going live

As soon as the website is delivered, the website is tested, checked and the last technical details are completely in order. The website is then delivered in a so-called preview environment. The website is currently filled with so-called dummy content. We present the website at our office and you will receive an explanation about the CMS.

After that you can immediately start filling the website. If you wish, we can place the texts you have written on the website. If you want to do it right, ask one of our copywriters to write the web copy for you. This way you can be sure that your story is convincingly told.

Online findability

Customization is so much more than a unique design and a unique layout. It also has to do with thinking carefully about findability in advance. For example, at Vrolijk Online we always suggest conducting a keyword research in advance. This visualizes SEO opportunities so that they are implemented in the new custom website.

When going live, we ensure good redirects from the old to the new site and we set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics completely for you.

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Custom projects

The following custom projects have been realized by Vrolijk Online:

Customization with results

Our advice? Choose a distinctive corporate website specially tailored to your unique story, brand, product or service. Opt for customization. Stand out from the crowd and achieve positive results with your unique professional website!

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