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Social partners

We support charities and organizations

Merry Online also wants to play a role on a social level. That is why we support charities and organizations that we believe make a good contribution to our society.

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Mooi zo Good so combines the energy and creativity of volunteers from 's-Hertogenbosch with the expertise and capacities of companies and institutions. More than 550 companies and institutions work with 250 organizations through Mooi zo Goed zo. Together they realized 600 projects that give 's-Hertogenbosch and its villages more color.

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Local Charities guide

With the local charities guide, the incorporated organizations are brought to the attention of donors, testators, companies and service clubs looking for a local charity to contribute to.

This helps local charitable organizations that are worth supporting and meet strict criteria in their work, activities and ambitions. It is estimated that through the system of the local charity guides, 10% of the donations and gifts to Dutch charities will end up with local charities.

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Centaur Foundation

The Centaur Foundation is an equestrian sports association in Veghel and uses the services of the Hogerduinen riding school in Mariaheide. Every week they offer approximately 45 disabled riders, ranging in age from 6 to 65 years old, the opportunity to enjoy a recreational, therapeutic or sporty ride on a horse.

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Miles of Pleasure

The Miles of Pleasure Foundation aims to raise funds for small-scale charities, preferably associated with our region, and funds that are dedicated to children or the elderly who are struggling for whatever reason. Every year they organize The Miles of Pleasure rally, a one-day rally for a good cause. The participants are expected to have a 'special' car.

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RKC Waalwijk

Vrolijk Online is an online partner and sponsor of RKC Waalwijk. RKC Waalwijk assumes its position in society by, in addition to football, by collaborating with social organizations, the business community, the municipal authorities, society, the supporters and the KNVB.

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FC Den Bosch

Vrolijk Online is an online partner and sponsor of FC Den Bosch. With football as a means, FC Den Bosch is committed to a better society in which health, talent development, quality of life and participation are central.

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